Photographers / Creators of Social Media Contents

Giulia Tibaldi and Giordano Garosio

Family and adventure. Little moments and big feats. We can see beauty and we know how to impress it.

We are two creatives, each one with his own skills but sharing the same attention for details and the constant search for balance in our works.

Photography, video, stop motion, styling and art direction for visual storytelling with emotions at its core. We are great partners for the creation and development of projects meant for all platforms and diverse audiences

Clients: Ikea – Samsung – Philips – Timberland – Nutella – Bormioli – Smeg – Adidas – La cucina Italiana – Lazzari – Sun68 – Witors – Giuso – Axteria – Tescoma – Comune di Brescia – Blanc Mariclò – Giustacchini – Sport Week – Beretta Abbigliamento – Majolini – Semeraro – Eme – Co.Import – Bergè – Aucan – BLM – AIB

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